WWE 2K17: 10 Forgotten Things You Can Still Do

It's not just the new features that deserve all the attention...

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Every year we're greeted to a brand new WWE franchise game, and every year we see brand new never before seen features, or returning features that were somehow removed years ago because THQ were completely unstable.

Either way, when new features come in, the focus inevitably tends to be solely on those new ideas. No matter how good the older features that keep the game thriving are, they're pushed to the sidelines and completely forgotten about.

This in itself obviously doesn't make the features bad and it does come with the unforeseen advantage of renewed appreciation when you rediscover them. It's time to give these features some much deserved praise for what they've already brought to the franchise.

Without them, the WWE 2K series would be a very small and forgotten world.


10. Shield Powerbomb

Before Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose went their separate ways, the three superstars were renowned for their ultimate ending: the triple powerbomb. It felled every man, whether it was the Undertaker, Triple H, John Cena or even Ryback, and no one could ever deny that the group had the IT factor.

And it's possible to relive the glory days in WWE 2K17. Despite Dean Ambrose being on Smackdown and Rollins and Reigns being on Raw, this move is still hidden in the dark depths of the game.

In any 6-man tag match, providing you have Roman Reigns as the legal man, and both Seth and Dean on the apron this moment is possible. Roman must have a finisher stored, and his opponent must be on the mat near the centre of the ring. Once Roman is at the opponent's head, the treat unveils itself. Click the OMG moment buttons and drink it in.

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