WWE 2K17: 10 Forgotten Things You Can Still Do

9. Managers

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This is a feature that was talked about a lot in WWE 2K16, but has now completely sunk underground this year. While you're a manager, you're able to perform a variety of different actions, more so than you could in previous iterations of the game.

Those abilities range from cheering your partner on from the corner throwing weapons into the ring or distracting the referee while your client is doing some dirty tactics. You can even pull the referee out of the ring when he's doing a pin attempt as long as you don't get too over zealous or you might just be ejected from the ringside area. Cutting the right balance is key.


Managers are a main stay now for MyCareer and Universe mode, and it's a great way to watch matches happen as well with the unique isometric style camera angle. Worthwhile if you need a break from breaking bones and bloody noses in the game.

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