WWE 2K17: 10 Most Overrated Wrestlers

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With every annual release of a WWE game comes the inevitable discussion about which wrestlers 2K Sports got "wrong", either by overrating them to the moon or grossly selling them short.

Well, this year followed the usual pattern of appearing like a 2K intern threw a dart at a dartboard in order to pick the numbers, with an outrageous number of wrestlers getting a numerical designation well over the odds, the most egregious of which are listed here.

While many fans suspect that 2K makes a habit of deliberately skewing stats in order to sell their Accelerator add-on (which allows you to edit wrestlers' stats to your liking), it's almost as easy to believe that they're just flat-out incompetent when it comes to understanding the product, both in terms of wrestling and gaming, especially given the glitch-riddled nature of the released title.

Get your pitchforks out and prepare to rage at the 10 most overrated wrestlers in WWE 2K17 (and then use the Accelerator to fix them)...

10. The Usos

2K Sports

Rating: 84

It's telling that Jimmy and Jey Uso both have the same rating because, let's be honest, only the most hardcore fans can even tell them apart. Despite largely languishing in mediocrity over the last year and the game being unable to account for their recent heel turn, it's surprising they've actually gone up one point each from last year's 83.

To put this into context, the game has ranked them above two vastly superior tag teams in American Alpha (Gable and Jordan are 79 and 80 respectively) and The Revival (Dash and Dawson are 75 and 77), while also being level-pegging with Big Cass (84) and miles ahead of Enzo Amore (74).

Had the heel turn been incorporated into the game then perhaps this might make a little more sense, but as it stands? Not a chance.

New Rating: While giving some of their aforementioned "inferiors" a bit of a rating boost, The Usos should be sitting at a respectable, comfortable 77.

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