WWE 2K17: 10 Most Overrated Wrestlers

9. Mr. McMahon

2K Sports

Rating: 76

Yes, Vince McMahon may be a Royal Rumble winner and former WWF and ECW World Champion, but those accolades aren't really indicative of much actual wrestling skill on his part, and so it's incredibly bizarre to see him rated so highly in the new game.

If you take this number at face value, Vince is apparently a more skilled wrestler than Jack Swagger (71), R-Truth (71), Darren Young (72), Heath Slater (72), Stardust (74) and many more, which is just an embarrassing assertion and something of an insult to these talents.

Again, though, it's an improvement from last year, where Vince held a laughably high 84, and the drop can probably be explained because 2K16 featured the 1998 Mr. McMahon, while 2K17 is using the 2001 version. Still, this is insane.

New Rating: Fine, he can go above Bo Dallas (67), but that's it. 68

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