WWE 2K18: 7 New Gameplay Tweaks You Need To Know

7. 2K Added A Bunch Of New Move Animations

WWE 2K18
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It's annoying for long time fans of the WWE video game series to see some of the same animations pop up from a decade ago. 2K could do with dedicating a division to a complete overhaul of the system, but at least they've added fresh animations and some new moves to 2K18. Some of them bring the game to life.

The way wrestlers sell is much more realistic this time around. Gone are the tired animation cycles of before, replaced by those that favour facial expression and context. Kick someone in the leg and they won't sell the arm, for example. That's a step forward for a series mired in frustration for the longest time now.

Some of the moves 2K are touting as 'new' aren't (ones like the Axe Kick 2 and Butterfly Suplex 2 have been seen before), but the animations are. 2K have made moves like a Top Rope RKO or the Spear look distinctive to the wrestlers using them too, which means Roman Reigns hitting the latter is different from anyone else.

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