WWE 2K18 Early Wishlist: 11 Things Fans Want To See

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It's safe to say that, ultimately, WWE 2K17 was something of a mixed bag, offering up an immense roster and some inventive spins on the series formula, but also clinging to many of the nagging issues fans have been complaining about for years.

It honestly feels like 2K Sports still haven't reached the enormous potential these games have, especially considering the incredibly robust quality of their other sporting franchises.

There's always another year, though, and before fans know it 2K18 will be on the horizon. If 2K listens to the vocal criticisms of the most recent game and is prepared to implement significant overhauls where needed, 2K18 absolutely has the potential to be one of the best wrestling games ever (but No Mercy is unbeatable, of course).


Here are 11 features everyone wants to see in WWE 2K18...

11. The Return Of GM Mode & The Draft

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General Manager Mode was introduced in SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 but promptly discontinued by the 2009 edition, despite being an undeniable favourite among fans.

While the Universe Mode does give players a certain degree of control over the product, it's just not the same as getting to take over either Raw or Smackdown and directly compete against the other as GM.

Anyone who's played the mode knows how ridiculously addictive it is, and how much fun getting to take part in the Draft was. With the far larger rosters that the more recent WWE games have, a new and improved GM Mode could be something really special indeed.


While it's understandable why the mode didn't make it into 2K17 given how recently the Draft happened, it is an absolutely necessary addition for the next game if 2K wants to capitalise on a golden opportunity.


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