WWE 2K19: 6 Most Shocking Roster Omissions

No NXT Champion, no Three Faces Of Foley?

WWE 2K19

There would've been a problem had 2K tried to pass off Ronda Rousey's series debut as befitting of post-release DLC. Though she's technically still hidden behind a pay wall as a pre-order bonus, WWE's biggest acquisition of 2018 and the current Raw Women's Champion had to be on the main roster somehow.

She is, and all is well. Oh wait, no it's not.

There are other characters fans were looking forward to playing as who won't be gracing this year's game, perhaps at all. Some (the Legends, mainly), may well be included in forthcoming downloadable packs, but it's still shocking that they haven't been made available out-of-the-box, and the same goes for those who have been removed since 2K18.

Then, there's the curious case of a celebrated heel champion who's been forced to palm off his exclusion on social media by joking about never losing, even in video games. His ability to see the brighter side of things doesn't exempt 2K from questions about why one of WWE's best performers this year is sitting on the gaming sidelines.

It's true 2K can't cram everyone on-disc. Even so, some of these are inexcusable...

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