WWE 2K20: 10 Improvements It Must Make On 2K19

10. Female MyCareer

WWE 2K19
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Let's get some regular gripes out of the way first.

2K must know by now that this will 100% not go away until they deliver on it. A female MyCareer experience is totally essential for 2K20, otherwise the dev's forums will be weighed down by hundreds of complaint-laden threads about how they're evil bastards for refusing equality. They don't want that, let's be honest.

Women like Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey are premier stars in WWE these days, and they deserve a mode as much as the men. Being able to create one's own female avatar then thrash it out over the NXT, Raw and SmackDown Women's Titles against those names and more is something next year's game badly needs.

It must've been a minor shock to those who didn't pay attention to every bit of detail pre-release when they booted up 2K19 only to find a boy's story was the sole option. In this current climate (one rightly obsessed with the high quality of WWE's women), that's unacceptable.

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