WWE 2K20: 10 Most Over-Rated Roster Members

Zelina's better than Sasha!?

WWE 2K20's release is almost upon us, and with copies of the game now landing in the wild, the coveted overall ratings for every superstar have finally been revealed.

And as ever, fans are up in arms with 2K Sports and developer Visual Concepts for the obvious missteps they've made in assigning ratings, particularly with those superstars who are blatantly rated far above their station.

It happens year-in and year-out, leaving fans baffled that they could get it so off the mark, because even accepting how far in advance the 2K games tend to lock the details down, how hard can it be to adjust a couple of numbers?

As it stands, these 10 wrestlers are unquestionably the most overrated in WWE 2K20, their rating entirely unreflective of not only their skills in the ring, but also how they've been booked and, therefore, their kayfabe standing within the company.

It sure would be great if 2K dished out a patch to nerf these ratings a tad, but anyone familiar with the series should know not to get their hopes up...

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