WWE 2K20: 10 New Details You Need To Know

Women's Evolution, 2K20 Originals, pre-order bonuses, Tower tweaks and more...

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The mystique surrounding 2K's big announcement, scheduled for 5 August, was slightly sullied by a leaked trailer showing some details about the forthcoming 2K20 release over the weekend. Don't let that dampen your spirits though, because the team had way more to reveal on Twitter and their official website.

Try on pre-order bonuses, special commemorative editions, new modes and the single most-wanted addition in years for size.

No, it's not GM Mode (at least not yet), but 2K did spill the beans on something else that'll make smiles appear on some of the more jaded, frustrated gamers out there. They're finally listening, people, and it's about time they did. Maybe Yukes' warning that the series wasn't cutting it registered with the developers, or maybe they've had these features earmarked for this iteration of the franchise all along.

Only 2K know for sure. One thing the wider audience now knows is that 2K20 has a chance to avoid becoming yet another boring annual entry that's dated a few months after launch. Here's everything you need to know from that juicy big press release...

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