WWE 2K20: 7 Things It Does BETTER Than 2K19

No, graphics isn't one of them...

Corey Graves was absolutely lying through his perfectly straight teeth recently when he claimed that WWE 2K20 has better graphics than 2K19. It doesn't, meaning Mr. Colour Commentator was telling big fat fibs and spouting pre-release hype printed on a sheet in front of him.

He could've picked from a few other improvements instead.

As strange as it sounds (and as much as this statement will cause 99.9% of gamers to have a collective aneurysm), 2K20 does some things better than its predecessor. Yes, it's a buggy mess of code and was never going to win due to 2K sticking by toxic annual release deadlines when they probably shouldn't, but it's not quite the hopeless waste of disc space some are claiming.

Please be assured that this article is in no way whatsoever acting as a third party apology for 2K20's current state. It wasn't ready to launch on 22 October, and nobody would've cried at the thought of 2K, y'know, taking a year out. Still, it's important to be fair, and the truth is that 2K20 takes a few steps forwards with 2K19's formula in some places that'll fly under the radar...

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