WWE 2K20: 8 Rumours You Need To Know

General Manager Mode, new Showcases, special collector editions and more...

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In our 10 Biggest Changes 2K Must Make article, everything from environmental interaction, eSports, dedicated Story Modes and proper live updates for WWE 2K20 were explored. Two things that weren't mentioned? The ever-fun Showcase Mode or the much-fancied return of GM Mode.

Both of those are here in amongst some other deliciously tasty rumours doing the rounds about 2K20.

The bulk of this info comes from social media buzz surrounding a leaked document that was circulating a few months ago. Though buzz-killing news later trickled out that the doc wasn't exactly official, there's still a feeling that most of the things on it are accurate, realistic and could very much come true. Besides, who doesn't love some conjecture and rumour every now and then?

Other entries are from hints dropped by WWE stars themselves, including AWOL female starlet Sasha Banks and all-round legend Kurt Angle. So, time to tuck in and see what the rumour mill has to say ahead of any official word from 2K on what 2K20 will be like when it drops later this year.

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