WWE 2K20: 8 Rumours You Need To Know

8. Becky Lynch As The Cover Star

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Rumour: Breakout star Becky Lynch will be brandished across the 2K20 cover wearing one of her 'The Man' t-shirts. This rumour was started when the aforementioned document leaked, but it's something a fair few fans on Twitter had already been talking about before that.

Chances Of It Being True: It makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

WWE video games last had a female cover star when Torrie Wilson graced the box in THQ's SmackDown vs. Raw 2007. Since then, nobody on the women's side of things has even come close, but times have changed. Becky is a bigger star than most of the men, and she's hot off headlining WrestleMania 35 alongside Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair.

Had Ronda stayed put in the company, our money would be on her because she's a bigger mainstream name. She's gone for now though, meaning Becky and/or Flair have the stage to themselves as WWE's dual alpha females. Lynch is fully deserving, so it'd be cool to see.

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