WWE 2K20 Early Wishlist: 10 Things Fans DEMAND

2K need to play some FIFA, Madden or NHL...

WWE 2K19 Big Head Mode
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2K19's focus on fun was evident from the first moment teasers dropped for the revamped MyCareer experience. Zombie versions of Triple H, Matt Hardy's 'Woken' brilliance, indy wrestling and more are all there, and that's not all; outside of the career mode, players can relive highlights of Daniel Bryan's sparkling career, wrestle as bobbleheads, cel-shade the graphics and more.

Is this enough for long-standing fans of the series who have been there since THQ held the reins and released SmackDown in 2000? Is it b*llocks.

Beyond the quirky exterior 2K19 presented, it was still effectively the same game as 2K18. That's not an awful thing, but the franchise has needed improvements greater than a routine fresh coat of paint since 2K took it to the current-gen consoles with 2K15. There's still so, so much more they can do with the IP.

This writer has played 2K19 to death, both because he's a huge fan of the series and yearns for the slicker presentation and creativity 2K have shown in other games they're behind. There's no excuse for laziness in modern gaming...

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