WWE 2K21: 10 Improvements It Must Make On 2K20

10. Glitch-Free Graphics

2K Games

2K20's array of glitches, bugs and other graphical problems upon launch was a disgrace.

2K and Visual Concepts should be ashamed of themselves for willingly pushing such a broken experience onto a consumer base who can't say no. They took the p*ss out of a loyal group of gamers who, despite moans over the years, generally prop this franchise up. They won't do so anymore if 2K21 doesn't improve.

Graphics must be better. There's simply no excuse these days for hair that looks plastic, or key in-game cutscenes riddled with warping issues, disappearing faces and more. It's almost like 2K were making a parody of prior WWE games, not building one that'd improve on things or push the series forwards.

Before 2K21 comes out, someone needs to sit down with play testers and iron out any and all major flaws that made the latest entry a laughing stock. Referees randomly floating on (and through) Charlotte Flair's shoulders just isn't good enough.

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