WWE 2K21: 10 Legends Who Must Be Included

Nostalgia might be all 2K has left...

WWE 2K20 Chyna
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The video gaming Gods bestowed a digitalised version of Chyna upon the world in WWE 2K20, and it was long overdue. Fans couldn't look past the fact that the game was a heap of pixellated, glitchy sh*te, but at least the 'Ninth Wonder Of The World' finally made her return and was playable for the first time since 2000's SmackDown 2: Know Your Role.

Now, what treats does 2K21 have in store?

It needs to a better game for a start, and the roster must be watertight if 2K have any hopes of luring back those who washed their hands (presumably for 20 seconds whilst singing the national anthem) of the series last year. One suggestion is that the developers lean on nostalgia - it might be all they've got left.

People scratch their heads annually at 2K's decision making when it comes to thrashing out which legends remain, which debut and which get put back into their cryo-pods for another year. It can be frustrating to see the wrong version of an old favourite make the cut too.

Fingers crossed they get something right this year, eh?

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