WWE 2K21: 10 Most Wanted New Features

2K20 can NEVER happen again.

As the summary line says, WWE 2K20 can never happen again.

2K and Visual Concepts pumped out one of the worst games of 2019 and simultaneously succeeded in almost killed a long-running series. Their laughably bad end product wasn't actually finished, and it ended up p*ssing off loyal customers who had already put up with a stale series for years.

The fallout from 2K20's release (and 2K's attempts to fix it via patches) has caused fears in some quarters that 2K21 won't happen at all. Critics are, perhaps rightly, pointing out that the development team have no chance of fixing this in less than 12 months, and they're either expecting another fragmented mess in the 2020 holiday release window or a year off for the once-proud franchise.

A year off? No chance. Annual releases don't get that kind of respite even when they're sh*t, and both 2K and VC will have to soldier on to make the best of things. If they do, then they better bloody listen to fan feedback and give people a game that might not look great but is at least serviceable to play.

Here's everything a wounded fanbase wants...

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