WWE 2K21 Early Wishlist: 10 Things Fans DEMAND

If this doesn't work, it's time Vince McMahon got someone else to make his games...

WWE 2K20 Glitch

WWE 2K20 is the video game equivalent of breaking your friend's shiny new iPhone 11 and replacing it with a BlackBerry Storm. You're likely to get a torrent of abuse back from said friend, one kinda' like 2K received from angry gamers irate that 2K19's functional behaviour was replaced by a glitchy, overhyped mess.

Next year, it's make or break.

2K21 (if it's even called that) needs to be a success. If it's not, 2K may find themselves on the developer scrapheap. WWE must be aware that 2K20 was a total disaster, and they won't want to let the franchise's iron grip on the wrestling game medium loosen. Alternatives, possibly from old warhorses Yuke's, are on the horizon, and new competitors like AEW are about to enter the market.

It's never too early to pine for better when it comes to 2K's long-running series. They've struggled to release the perfect wrestling game for a generation now, and there are no indications that anything will change before they churn out the next one.

Here's a 10-step wishlist of fan demands that must (repeat, must) be implemented...

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