WWE 2K22: 10 Rumours You Need To Know

Release dates, cover stars, GM Mode, console exclusivity and more WWE 2K22 rumours!

WWE 2K22
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Rumours, rumours, rumours.

There are already loads of them kicking around for WWE 2K22. Fingernails are being chewed down to the cuticles as one (rightly) p*ssed off customer base collectively wonders if 2K's next wrestling game will be worth the price of admission. 2K20 certainly wasn't, which is why so many are worried about what's in store later this year.

2K Games must get this right - they really don't have a choice there. This cannot be another rinse-and-repeat series entry that goes through the motions or delivers something average. People demand one of the best pixellated wrasslin' experiences ever here, and they'll raise hell if they don't get it.

Who will the cover star be? Will in-game commentary suddenly become something 2K can be proud of? What does the future of the heavily-teased GM Mode look like? On that note, will that feature's return be blighted by unwanted modern gaming conventions? Also, could you be playing 2K22 a little earlier this time?

Those are just some of the pressing questions fans have, and the speculation is lighting up social media. Here are all the rumours doing the rounds on Twitter and beyond for 2K's next WWE entry...

10. The Cover Star

WWE 2K22

That Reddit user's mock up above guesses that Sasha Banks and/or Roman Reigns will be on the box for 2K22. Neither is a bad shout, being honest; Reigns is still WWE's head boy, and his smouldering looks are always eye-catching. Meanwhile, Banks offers something a little different without sacrificing star power.

Some Twitter users also believe that The Undertaker will get a big pay day from 2K as this year's cover star. His legacy would draw attention from older fans, but could alienate some kids who are over 'The Deadman' by this point or just didn't really see much of his career to begin with.

It's all about that balance.

2K have to know that the fanbase for these games is still predominantly made up of people who have grown up with them. So, for example, a gamer in his/her mid-30s has been buying WWE video games since the earlier SmackDown titles at least. They'll want someone they cherish on that box.

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