WWE 2K22: 10 Rumours You Need To Know

9. No More UI Popups?

WWE 2K22
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2K's Executive Producer Patrick Gilmore ran a Reddit AMA last summer, and it was fascinating. One of the subjects Pat seemed most concerned with was the visual style of 2K22 - he and his team are interested in moving away from a "broadcast presentation". Sort of, anyway.

Gilmore teased that developers are playing around with a popup free system. That means 2K22 wouldn't have the usual UI prompts for pins, count outs, chain wrestling moments or other aspects of typical gameplay. If true, then they'd actually be moving closer to a WWE broadcast look, but yes.

Maybe Patrick meant they'd finally be switching up the camera angles, or giving fans more freedom to place the hard cam where they want it. Why not? It's a video game, and freely customising how your WWE matches are framed would be fun. 2K22 could see the end of QTE sequences and other UI-reliant button prompts.

Don't be shocked if this is optional.

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