WWE 2K22: 10 Things GM Mode Must Get Right

GM Mode is coming back in WWE 2K22. Here's how 2K can make it must-play!

WWE 2K22 GM Mode
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GM Mode is back!

Sports Gamers Online broke the news that the much-loved feature had become a "top priority" during WWE 2K22's development - they also said that 2K knew how much "fans clearly wanted it". That's true. The feature has been topping wishlists since it was last spotted in SmackDown vs. Raw 2008, which was released way back in 2007.

14 years on (15 by the time 2K22 launches next year), grapple-obsessed gamers will finally get to grips with an updated version. That means players clinging on to the past can finally put those Xbox 360s away, kiss goodbye to the old '24/7 Mode' and quit booking photoshoots or movie roles for Batista right before crucial pay-per-view matches.

It's time do that for stars like Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch instead.

Getting GM into 2K22 was only half the battle though. It's crafting a must-play mode that charms both older and younger gamers alike that 2K will be concerned with. To do so, they'll need to make gameplay fun and immersive, and they'll also need to keep an eye on replayability too.

Here's everything GM Mode 2.0 needs...

10. NXT Inclusion

WWE 2K22 GM Mode

Right, WWE, enough of this bullsh*t.

The company seem content to pretend that Charlotte Flair's duel NXT Women's Title reigns didn't matter, or that Seth Rollins wasn't the brand's original champ, every week. This sucks, especially for those who actually give a rat's ass about Tuesday nights. If 2K do, then they'll include NXT in this redone GM Mode.

Players should have the chance to pick between Raw, SmackDown, NXT and NXT UK. Yes, it'd be great to see the British brand in there somewhere - if that's too much of a stretch, then just make it part of the NXT line up, or something. Why not? It is WWE's show, after all.

There's a reason why this gets a mention first here. Vince McMahon and pals keep taking an almighty dump all over those three little letters, and it's not on. NXT deserves better than to be treated like a 2021 version of WWF Jakked, and it must be part of GM's suite.

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