WWE 2K22: 10 Things GM Mode Must Get Right

9. A Marked Difference Between Brands

WWE 2K22 GM Mode

Raw is on USA Network (same with NXT) and SmackDown airs on FOX. Why does that matter? Well, those networks will have different management styles, and they're likely to put unique pressures on WWE when it comes to ratings, demographics, quarterly objectives and such.

So, in 2K22, it's vital that overseeing each brand feels totally different.

There's zero point in creating a mode that uniformly pretends each WWE TV show is exactly the same. Leave those jokes about McMahon-led sameness at the door, because 2K can't get bogged down with that. They should be more focused on making GM repayable by offering something fresh across all three-four WWE options.

Raw needs different goals from SmackDown, and vice versa. Meanwhile, on NXT/NXT UK, the challenge can come from offsetting brand longevity elsewhere and making it the must-see WWE broadcast every single week. That sounds exciting to this nerd, at least.

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