WWE 2K22 Wishlist: 10 Things Fans NEED To See

2K22 is the most important WWE video game ever, and 2K are out of excuses not to deliver.

WWE 2K22
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Well, it happened.

A friend recently told the chap writing this that WWE 2K20 "wasn't actually that bad". He then went on to claim that internet "overreaction to some bugs and stuff" killed the game's chances of being anything other than a total failure. The response from yours truly? "Rubbish - 2K20 was absolutely sh*te".

2K20 was a thinly-veiled rush job that nearly destroyed approx two decades of work. 2K fired the product out without taking necessary care to ensure it was playable, then pointed fingers towards the departure of Yuke's - poor them? No, poor people who paid full price for what amounted to a digital slap in the face for loyal customers.

2K22 must be better. 2K (and their pals Visual Concepts) don't have a choice.

Unless they want WWE to find another developer to make these games, then they need to get the finger out and produce something worthwhile. This community won't tolerate anything less than a love letter to the series past; they'll want such nostalgic flavour blended with an exciting path forward too.

Here are just some of the things 2K can do to make up for past transgressions...

10. A Game That’s Been Tested

WWE 2K22
2K Games

This is the bare minimum.

Being frank, it's atrocious that 2K thought pumping out 2K20 in the state it was in would be acceptable. This time, to be clear, 2K22 must have no bugs or glitches to speak of. It it does, then the fires of Twitter hell will rain down on the people making it - they'll be drowned by the backlash.

One way to avoid the negativity that'd surely await them is to playtest the living crap out of the next game. When 2K and VC think they've playtested the thing enough, they should go for a quick break then come back and playtest it some more. Playtest, playtest, playtest.

Every wrinkle must be ironed out pre-launch. Otherwise, they'll get it in the neck from a p*ssed off audience (some of whom probably cannot wait to explode with rage). Offering a smooth, glitch-free experience is gonna be vital to 2K22's success.

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