WWE 2K22 Wishlist: 10 Things Fans NEED To See

9. Progression Beyond Yuke’s

WWE 2K22

It's also time to stop pretending that WWE games can be Yuke's-lite. Those guys are gone, and the 2K/VC combo should've learned painful lessons from trying to replicate their work for 2K20. If reproducing the old Yuke's formula is too challenging (which it is), then 2K need to try something new.

"It Hits Different" has to ring true.

WWE titles have needed a fresh coat of paint for the longest time now anyway. 2K19, as solid as it still is, was recycling assets from the bloody THQ days, and that's no use. 2K/VC have had almost two full years to map out where the series goes from here, and they better have come up with some new ideas.

2K22 doesn't need to feel like a hollow shell of Yuke's glory days. In fact, it shouldn't. If anything, it'd be cool to see 2K dart off in a fresh direction and make a game they're proud of. Going back to 2K19's blueprint won't be enough.

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