WWE 2K23: 10 Changes Fans Demand

There's another big year ahead for 2K in WWE 2K23. Fans DEMAND even more!

WWE 2K23
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WWE gamers must seem like a demanding bunch from the outside looking in.

2K's (semi-)annual concern should be gifting the community with a game they can be proud of. Obviously, they failed spectacularly with the heavily-panned 2K20, but this year's 2K22 was a return to form for the once-proud series. Now, attention turns to what's coming next - it always does.

That's just something the developers have to put up with, and it's fair to say they made a rod for their own backs by releasing such a wet fart of a title in late-2019. Since then, people have been sharpening knives waiting for the crew to mess up again.

Those blades went back into storage once folks clapped eyes on 2K22, but how can 2K double down on that game's successes with something even bigger in 2K23? There's a lot they can do across Showcase, MyGM, MyCareer and with the general gameplay to turn this coming entry into one everyone points to as a proper apology for past transgressions.

2K22 gave the devs something to build on. Here's how they go about bettering it!

10. Greater Freedom In MyGM

WWE 2K23
2K Games

See above for what Triple H did to players if they dared go against his goals in MyGM last time.

'The Game' thumped your General Manager with a text-based tongue-lashing if he/she even suggested putting two wrestlers with different archetypes against one another on pay-per-view. You were also f*cked if you fancied doing literally anything other than a gimmick bout, because ratings weren't high for most one-on-ones without stips.

That was a bummer, and it's something 2K must change come 2K23. The mode badly needs more match types in general (where were Triple Threats, Fatal-4/5-Ways and more?!), and probably less reliance on booking gimmick bouts over interesting feuds/stories.

2K should be commended for listening to fans and finally bringing the mode back, but their algorithms were just a little bit too restrictive and that dampened the fun factor after a few playthroughs. MyGM could be so much more, and it should be next year.

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