WWE 2K23: 10 Improvements Fans Demand

How 2K can improve on WWE 2K22's winning formula in just 12 short months.

WWE 2K23
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Under normal circumstances, the dreadful WWE 2K20 would be a full three games ago for 2K and Visual Concepts by the time the next one is released. Of course, due to the cancellation of 2K21 and complete overhaul for 2K22, the upcoming 2K23 will be a direct sequel of sorts to the series' rebirth.

Back to the 12-month development cycle they go!

That could cause some problems, because it limits just how much 2K will be able to change before ludicrously-tight deadlines force them to push another product out; assuming 2K23 follows 2K22's lead, the game will launch in mid-March 2023 (yep, right in time for WrestleMania 39).

2K have a lot of work to do. Sure, 2K22 was a brave step in the right direction for a much-maligned franchise, but key improvements to the formula could make 2K23 the game long-suffering fans deserve. Modes like MyGM, MyCareer, Universe, as well as features like the creation suite, need to see meaningful advancements.

Gameplay can be refined too, and everything can just be given more polish before peeps get their hands on it. Here are the changes fans demand...

10. Some Brand New Match Types

WWE 2K23
2K Games

It's in 2K's best interests to provide as many different match types as they can think of in these WWE games. After all, variety is king for wrestling titles - people want to experiment (either against the AI or with friends in multiplayer), and so many of the matches kinda play the same.

Enter WarGames, NXT's Fight Pit, WrestleMania 36's 'Boneyard', Casket bouts, 10-man tags and more. All of those would liven things up a little, especially the first four. There's no good reason why 2K23 couldn't include a multi-ring set up for WarGames, or add in The Undertaker's 'Boneyard' battleground as a backstage area/specific match type.

Freshness is needed on those match select screens, being honest.

A proper Casket scenario would be great to see (SmackDown 2's weird one, which saw fans swing the coffin like a steel chair, doesn't cut it), and so would WarGames as a complement to the already-excellent Hell In A Cell gimmick.

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