WWE 2K23: 10 Things To Know Before You Buy

Everything you need to know about whether or not WWE 2K23 is worth your money.

WWE 2K23 MyGM Tyler Breeze Xavier Woods
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At time of writing, it's only one short week until people who pre-ordered WWE 2K23 will be firing it up and diving into everything the game has to offer. That's an exciting thought - exploring MyGM's improvements, a brand new MyRise story, playing WarGames (finally!) and more should be awesome fun.

What do you need to know before deciding whether or not forking out on 2K23 is essential though? That's a million dollar question, because premium/deluxe editions of these games are definitely pricey, and some fans out there will still be sitting on the fence wondering if 2K23 is a big-enough upgrade on the already-excellent 2K22.

So, what's changed? 2K has introduced some new gameplay mechanics that don't reinvent the wheel but definitely do improve the flow of matches and your enjoyment of actually playing through them. Similarly, they've made bold, creative tweaks to modes like Showcase, MyGM and even the long-running Universe suite.

This article also has details on exactly which characters will be locked behind DLC paywalls and what you get for your cash when buying this year's Season Pass.

Here's everything you need to know!

10. There’s A New Pin Mechanic

WWE 2K23 MyGM Tyler Breeze Xavier Woods
2K Games

First, a quality of life improvement.

It can be annoying when matches go long, your character gets smashed with a Tombstone out of nowhere and...the game still taunts you by teasing a chance to kick out despite it being borderline-impossible to do. In short, players were mashing buttons for next-to-no-reason sometimes in WWE 2K22.

Good news: 2K has changed that. Sure, the button mashing mechanic is still there for those who like it, but there's a new pinfall system that'll come as a huge relief to those who don't. Now, gamers will only have to line up their cursor with a shifting red bar, then press up on the right stick.

Time it correctly, and your wrestler will boot out of any pinning situation. This mini-game removes the frantic tap, tap, tapping of before (thus saving your thumbs) and instead rewards expert timing. It'll take some getting used to, but will give players a better chance of surviving.

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