WWE 2K23: 10 Things You NEED To Do First

9. Xavier Woods’ Tutorial

WWE 2K23
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Seasoned players might scoff when faced with the prospect of a lengthy tutorial that bores everyone senseless by shoving endless button prompts their way. Not so fast, because 2K has found a way to make even the humble training stage a lot of fun, and it's all bursting with personality.

Xavier Woods is a personable host for all of this merriment.

His voiceovers scream charisma, and there's nothing dull about learning how to properly counter AI attacks. To their credit, 2K's producers kept the tutorial on the shorter side and included a cheeky Showcase nod that sees Woods face John Cena in his dream match at WrestleMania.

That's the reward for your efforts in the Performance Center. So, honestly, give this training suite a try even if you're an experienced WWE 2K stalwart. It does a quite brilliant job of preparing gamers young and old for all of the other modes in the game.

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