WWE 2K23: 8 Gameplay Details You Need To Know

Dust off your Blackpool accents - WarGames will be playable in WWE 2K23!

WWE 2K23 WarGames Drew McIntyre Roman Reigns
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Although not without its own flaws, WWE 2K22 brought players back from the depths of hell that was WWE 2K20 with what is universally perceived as their best digital release in years. The return of MyGM, the highly-touted MyFACTION mode, and a roster like no other made the release one of the franchise's best-reviewed, averaging a 77 on Metacritic for its great gameplay, great presentation, and great immersion into the sports entertainment giant.

So, how do you advance the series?

WWE 2K23, now officially confirmed for its 17 March release, has big spandex to fill. One glance of social media would indicate that the game looks set for the same favourable reviews. Major leaks seemingly deterred 2K's plan of action - they coincidentally dropped the first trailer for the game this Monday (23 January) mere hours after an Amazon listing confirmed every key aspect to sell the game - but this has luckily turned speculation into excitement.

There's a lot to digest already, from thrilling roster inclusions to major game mode improvements to an appealing 2K Showcase to, yes, WarGames(!) - here's hoping William Regal makes the cut.

Let's break it down...

8. Advanced Entrance Creations

WWE 2K23 WarGames Drew McIntyre Roman Reigns
2K Games

Though numerous changes have swept through the suite throughout the series' history, the creation suite in WWE video games has largely remained the same, providing players with the ability to create their own Superstars, arenas, championships, and more.

Missing from WWE 2K22, however, was the ability to create an advanced entrance. This often worked a trick for users creating actual wrestlers from further afield, with the preset entrance list typically encompassing entrances of prolific non-WWE stars. WWE 2K20, for example, included entrances for Kenny Omega, Britt Baker, and Penta el 0M, as well as entrances for those no longer included in the game's roster, such as Chris Jericho.

This won't be the case for WWE 2K23. As confirmed via a 2K-issued press release (available via WWE.com), advanced entrances are back. A full list of preset entrances will be made available at a later date.

Additional changes to this year's creation suite include the ability to use custom arenas online, another option that had been mysteriously removed from WWE 2K22. The full customisation suite allows for "the ability to design custom Superstars, GMs, arenas, entrances, move sets, championships, and more".

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