WWE SmackDown Here Comes The Pain Remaster: 10 Things It Must Have

'Bra & Panties' is maybe the only thing Yukes shouldn't rip off...

SmackDown Here Comes The Pain

Yukes' game design supervisor Bryan Williams is either 2019's mega-troll or he's already building anticipation for a 2K20 alternative that will blow fan minds. He tweeted out that Yukes held a six-hour meeting this week and had been playing a ton of SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain during it.

Oh. My. God.

2003's successor to Shut Your Mouth is roundly considered one of the best wrestling video games of all time. It's up there with No Mercy and WCW/nWo Revenge on N64, or some of the older, classic Fire Pro titles from yesteryear. In short, it's a cherished piece of WWE gaming history, and the thought that Yukes might remodel the engine, gameplay and lore of HCTP for a modern audience is sh*t your pants levels of awesome.

This would be a delicately-crafted love letter to fans who have long-since grown tired of 2K's yearly updates. It'd be a true substitute for brainwashed annual purchases, and the mere notion that it could be reality is downright electrifying.

Here's everything this SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain remaster would need to do in order to succeed...

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