XBox 720: 5 Reasons To Be Excited

2. A New Kinect Experience

It's not news that Kinect titles are the worst selling type of title for the XBox 360 and this isn't just due to the lack of different genres (fitness, dance or dancing fitness) available for the cutting edge motion tracking camera. As a relatively new piece of gaming technology there was always going to be a bug or two to work out as well as limitations, including muli-player tracking. So when the leaked document suggested a new Kinect experience that would include 4 player tracking and more accurate motion capture, it seemed as if our party gaming prayers had been answered. A new Kinect experience will be welcomed by many especially with four player tracking as motion gaming is most definitely a social activity, working at it's peak in party environments. Also improvements to the voice recognition function of Kinect fall in side by side with Microsoft's announcement of more and more titles being beefed out with voice commands such as Skyrim.
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