XBox 720: 5 Reasons To Be Excited

3. New Controller

As with the release of most consoles throughout the ages, what kind of controller the console uses is quite often a hot debate with ideas ranging from a slightly slimmer, more compact version of the current controller to a full glass tablet style controller to match Microsoft's leap into the tablet market with Microsoft surface. The most popular opinion seems to be something along the lines of a Wii U style controller consisting of a central HD touch screen surrounded with recognisable buttons, D-pad and control sticks. It is also rumoured that the central screen could be utilised as a remote control for TV and movies, extra buttons and information when you're playing a game or a portable display when you want to take your game with you. All of this is speculation of course but with the XBox 360's push into multimedia use with apps like love film and 4OD as well as the long established Sky utility is seems to make sense to have a versatile controller that would be able to multi task as well as a touch screen would be able to.
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