Xbox All-Stars Fighting: Who We Would Pick

WhatCulture! explores a fantasy world where Microsoft answers the call for an Xbox 360 brawler.

Super Smash Bros, has become a staple series for Nintendo. Millions of gamers everywhere surely understand the joy of crowding around a TV with dozens of friends and the chaos that can follow. Beating each other to a pulp until the fateful moment when your rival's character exclaims a slowly dissolving scream of defeat, followed by that oh-so-sweet bing of justice is all too satisfying. Now, with Sony attempting to cash-in on the model set by the Smash Bros. series, we have at WhatCulture have been left wondering, "Where you at Microsoft?" What you are about to embark on is a journey into a world where Microsoft has answered this call. These are our top picks for a Smash Bros inspired Microsoft exclusive brawler. Enjoy, Sony. 10) Master Chief (Halo) I know, the most obvious pick of the bunch, but why not get it out of the way first? Master Chief has serious potential to bring pain in a brawler. With his capacity to survive insurmountable odds, adaptability, and battle hardened warrior mentality, he could easily be one of the best fighters available. Special Move 1: Master Chief sticks a plasma grenade onto an opponent, kicks them in your direction of choice, and explodes creating splash damage. Special Move 2: Master Chief turns invisible and stalks his prey throughout the stage. As he appears behind the enemy of choice, his first strike pierces through them with his Energy Sword for massive damage. Special Move 3: Master Chief draws a Spartan Laser, and unleashes it on a timed basis in the direction you aim. (Charged) Ultra Attack: A Covenant Scarab, comes onto screen blasting a devastating barrage of alien weaponry. Enemies fly off screen in a never-ending fountain of victory.

9) Alan Wake (...Alan Wake)

Sure, Mr. Wake is just a novelist, so you'd expect his combat abilities to fall somewhere around slim and none, yet having survived a devastating barrage of psychological trauma an all out brawl is like a walk in a park. Add in his newly found skill with firearms, and it would seem that Alan Wake is a perfect candidate to survive under these fighting conditions. If worse comes to worst, then hey, he could just blind you with his flashlight and run away.

Special Move 1: Alan draws out his pistol and fires multiple shots at his oncoming opponents.

Special Move 2: Alan drops a flash grenade that temporarily stuns enemies within a set distance, opening them up for a flurry of attacks.

Special Move 3: Alan summons an enemy from the "darkness" to fight on his side for a set amount of time.

Ultra Attack: The entire map goes black while Alan lights a flare, protecting only himself. Enemies caught in the darkness, are dealt rapid damage from the swarm of newly summoned creatures appearing in the manifested blackness.


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