Xbox Game Pass: 10 Hidden Gems You Must Play

The Xbox One's best feature is going to get even better.

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It may be hard to believe, but it's been nearly two years since Microsoft launched Game Pass. In that time it's grown into one of the strongest services Microsoft currently offer, and in 2019, it's better than ever. Month after month, huge games are added to Game Pass, with some notable head-turners this gen being Monster Hunter: World and Just Cause 4.

Currently sitting at over 100 games available, Game Pass is stacked with AAA talent. Both the entire Halo series and Gears of War series are available, which in itself is enough of a selling point for some. You may get pulled in with such big names, but it's the smaller, overlooked titles that will make the subscription fee more than worth it.

Nothing is more satisfying than finding a new game that you can't wait to tell friends about, and thanks to the ever growing library available, it's now easier than ever.

This is the perfect way for gamers to branch out and try titles they might otherwise miss. With such a massive selection however, it's almost impossible to expect someone to be able to try every single game the service offers, which is where I come in.

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