Xbox Game Pass: 12 Massively Underrated Games You Must Play

Done with Sea Of Thieves? It's time to uncover these hidden gems.


With PlayStation Now, Sony led the charge in breaking new ground, essentially setting the precedent for a Netflix-style subscription service for games.

Microsoft has picked up the ball and ran with it though, by creating the Xbox Game Pass. The service blatantly tackled several problems Sony’s counterpart was hounded by; a steep asking price, unreliable streaming tech, and a minimal amount of current-gen games.

The Game Pass goes for a fair subscription fee, gives customers the ability to directly download titles onto their hard drives, and now, in a ballsy move, will see all Microsoft-published console exclusives available on day one of release.

The fact that there aren’t all that many exclusives hasn't dampened excitement, and with the recent release of Rare’s much-hyped Sea Of Thieves dropping last month - on both console and subscription - the service has seen a massive surge of its user base.

So, now that you gamers have exhausted pirate adventures on the high seas, what else is there to play?

Well, why not delve into some criminally underrated games that are sitting on the service right under your nose? You wouldn’t be paying a cent extra for a notably rich experience, and would help give these overlooked games their due.


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