Xbox One: 10 Big Changes That Would Actually Make It Worth Buying

10. Add Auto Sign-In

To access any of Xbox One's major video apps, you must first sign in with a gold account. It seems simple enough, but you'll forget. If you€™ve never used an Xbox One before, this is a small problem that€™s a big pain in rear-end. Signing in also restarts the browsing process, so you€™ll need to search for and select your content again. The Xbox 360 had an auto-sign in feature which would allow you to select a primary account that signs in when you turn the console on, and for some reason that option is absent on the One. There€™s a Kinect-centric feature that will auto sign-in a user based on body and face recognition, but unless you fiddle with some convoluted options, create gamertags for everyone and link them to a gold account you're out of luck in terms of automatic sign-in for everyone. Enabling this feature also causes some weird Kinect hiccups, like gesture control popping up when a spec of dust catches the light, someone standing up or moving their foot on a recliner. It's all very strange. Adding auto-sign in solves about 80 percent of these problems, and thank God because right now forgetting to sign in literally feels like forgetting your keys on the way to your car. Every time.
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