Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: 10 Xbox Originals We Can't Wait To Play

10. Fuzion Frenzy

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Fuzion Frenzy was a launch title for the Xbox and is, by all means, one of the O.G. Xbox games.

Already confirmed as one of the two Xbox titles on the new backwards compatible program, it was your typical party game, where all the fun came from beating up on your friends mini-game after mini-game, until finally entering the final Fuzion Frenzy game mode. It really didn't have much depth, sporting 45 mini-games that all sort of built off of one another and varied depending on the stage.

That's not to say the game wasn't immensely fun though, and the fun was doubled while playing with friends.

One thing that would make this addition to backward compatibility even better would be if Microsoft threw in the ability to play with friends over Xbox Live. The feature wasn't in the original, and now with almost every game having an online multiplayer, it would fit this perfectly.

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