Xbox Project Scorpio Reveal - 10 Things We Learned

Sony and the PS4 Pro literally cannot compete.

Xbox scorpio

The console war just got mighty interesting, as Microsoft partnered with Eurogamer's Digital Foundry to provide one of the most in-depth and ludicrously nerdy breakdowns of a console in gaming history - 20 solid minutes of GPUs, anisotropic filtering, memory allocations and custom silicone moulding for the world's first look at 'Project Scorpio'.

Don't worry if none of that made sense - it didn't to me either - but I've sifted through the thick soup of specification-talk to isolate the biggest takeaway points you need to know. Because with this next Xbox, Microsoft just delivered on their promise of making the world's most powerful console.

Such an approach to this already modular generation is a bold one, considering firstly that the Xbox One has had one hell of a stilted start, and not to mention the PS4 Pro continues to sell a fraction of what Sony need to justify the cost of production. For Microsoft to stagger the release of details on the Scorpio, take a step back and still announce them as direct competition to Sony's first place position, well, it's going to make the next couple of years mighty interesting indeed.

We now know exactly what to expect, so let's get started...

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