Xbox Scarlett: 9 CONFIRMED Console Details You Need To Know

9. It's A Games Console Built For Gamers (Unlike The Xbox One)

Gears 5
The Coalition

Even before Phil Spencer got into the presentation properly, he made one thing clear: Microsoft are not interested in repeating the sins of the past. Alluding to the botched reveal of the Xbox One back in 2013, Spencer claimed that the new console has been made with one sole purpose in mind:

Delivering the best way to play games.

Consequently, Scarlett isn't being constructed as an all-in-one entertainment system like its predecessor - nor is it focusing on extraneous features - but instead doubling down on its position as a hardcore gaming machine. It's a smart move, as Microsoft took plenty of flack when they announced their last console for ignoring the fanbase that made the 360 such a success in the first place.

Even though they've moved away from that messaging since Phil Spencer became head of the department, it was great to see him acknowledge the company's past mistakes, and affirm that the next Xbox won't repeat them.


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