Xbox Scarlett: Every Major Rumour & Leak You Need To Know

Microsoft gambles big on the future of Xbox.

Xbox Scarlett

It only seems like yesterday that the Xbox One and PS4 truly ushered in the eighth generation of games consoles, yet if persistent word from industry insiders can be believed, we're not terribly far away from Microsoft and Sony unveiling their new next-gen platforms.

Microsoft seems especially eager to move on and correct their woeful mistakes with the Xbox One, which was handicapped right out of the gate by some awful messaging, effectively handing the easy lead to Sony.

And though Microsoft has certainly gained ground and goodwill with gamers over the course of this generation with the release of the Xbox One X and the consumer-friendly Xbox Game Pass service, it's going to take more than that to truly wrangle away Sony's momentum.

Well, with the successor to the Xbox One deep into development and likely to be unveiled in 2019, a heap of rumours and supposed "leaks" have picked up major traction in recent weeks and months.

Naturally a ton of it will lead nowhere, but having sifted through the biggest rumours doing the rounds, these are the most probable slivers of information we already know about the next family of Xbox consoles, currently codenamed Xbox Scarlett...

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