Xbox Scarlett: Every Major Rumour & Leak You Need To Know

8. "Xbox Lockhart" Is A Cheaper Model, Focused On Digital Games & Streaming

Microsoft Xcloud

Indeed, it seems that Microsoft will be seeking to replicate the formula of the Xbox One ecosystem, by offering two different tiered Scarlett models for two different types of consumer and price points.

But unlike the Xbox One, the Scarlett consoles will both be available on launch, allowing players to pick their preference from the jump rather than have to consider the viability of a mid-gen refresh.

The "lesser" of these two models is reportedly codenamed "Lockhart" and will have specs similar to the Xbox One X, though like Microsoft's leaked Xbox One S All-Digital Edition (codenamed "Maverick"), it will focus on digital downloads and also streamed games via Microsoft's upcoming Project xCloud initiative.

Reports are currently conflicting over whether or not Lockhart will have a disc drive at all, though the lack of a media drive would help Microsoft keep its costs competitive, especially with it launching alongside a higher-spec equivalent.

For those on a budget who still want plenty of gaming for their buck, Lockhart in conjunction with an Xbox Game Pass subscription could be a mighty fine proposition indeed.

But if you've got a little more disposable income at hand, you may want to consider what Microsoft appears to be assembling for its flagship Scarlett console...

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