Xbox Series X: Every Confirmed Feature You Need To Know

The new controller, hardware power, what games look like - Microsoft are playing to win.


Even though we had an inkling that Microsoft might debut the next Xbox before Christmas, I don't think anyone expected it to happen at the Game Awards.

Essentially confirming the show has become "the new E3" in regards to when the biggest announcements roll out, what we formerly knew as the Xbox Scarlett is now the "Xbox Series X" (XSX for short), and it's already turning heads.

A supremely unique-looking system in that it's aping a PC tower, the XSX will also become the most powerful system on the planet. Sporting a monstrous 12 teraflops of graphical performance, that's twice as powerful as current frontrunner Xbox One X, and four times more powerful than the standard Xbox One.

All of this should come as no surprise, being Microsoft used to be on top of the world with the Xbox 360, only to lose their entire following overnight, with the disastrously-received Xbox One in 2013.

For the following years, Microsoft would commit to playing catchup, and biding their time for the future. While Sony and Nintendo went off and dominated sales, they invested in backwards compatibility, monthly subscription services and key developers they could recruit to create the next wave of exclusives.

All that planning looks to have paid off, because the Xbox Series X is a beast.

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