Xbox Two: 8 Rumours And Details You Need To Know

It's time to take the console crown back from Sony.


Fleeting as the announcement was, Phil Spencer ripped open a giant can of worms when he confirmed on E3's global stage that the Xbox One's successor was currently "in development."

No name, release date, specs, concepts: nothing. The only thing to accompany the Xbox boss' carefully curated words were audible cheers from the audience present, the lack of information clearly signalling that the next hardware leap for the Xbox brand is still a ways off.

Simply put, it's a genius move on Microsoft's part. Intentionally or otherwise, being coy with the finer details whips consumers and analysts into a speculative frenzy for the next two years plus as both attempt to dredge up hints and rumours that could partially lift the veil on Microsoft's plans for the Xbox Two.

With 2020 being earmarked by analysts as the date that Microsoft intends to transition into the ninth console generation, the hype machine is still in its infancy, but that hasn't stopped the internet from dissecting Spencer's E3 announcement for clues and likewise, it appears that some reliable whistleblowers have already obtained confirmation of Microsoft's future plans.

As always, and especially this early on, take everything to come with a pinch of salt, but don't be surprised to see the name "Scarlett" take on a whole new meaning in the weeks and months to come.

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