XCOM 2: 15 Essential PC Mods That Make It Even Better

A Darth Vader mod that shouts "Nooooo!" when losing a comrade? Perfect.

A turn-based tactical shooter developed by Firaxis Games, XCOM 2 has been blowing people away since it was released in February 2016, which shouldn€™t surprise anyone. Not only does it feature more customisation options and detailed, procedurally generated battlefields, but it's more polished and visually impressive, somehow being even more immersive than the first game - so much so that you€™ll find yourself genuinely disparaged every time one of your soldiers is disintegrated or blown to smithereens. The game itself is set twenty years after the original XCOM: Enemy Unknown, picking up right after the invasion of Earth. Once again, you play as The Commander, whom after being rescued by Officer Bradford resumes his command of the Earth€™s last line of defence: the Extra-terrestrial Combat Unit, otherwise known as XCOM. The unit itself is in bad shape, outnumbered, outmatched and barely holding its own; your job is to pick up the pieces, recruit new members, engage the enemy wherever possible and do whatever€™s necessary to keep the human race from succumbing to the alien menace. Honestly, there€™s a lot to love about XCOM 2; it€™s a fantastic experience offering perhaps the best, most varied and dynamic turned-based gameplay of any game of that genre. With that said, even the best games can be improved, and thanks to modders, there€™s a plethora of unique content, upgrades and alterations ready and waiting for PC gamers to enjoy. From mods that make your soldiers look like Stormtroopers, to those that drastically broaden your options in combat, here are the 10 best things the mod community has done with XCOM 2.

15. 'I'm Too Fancy For Thouse Ayys'

Creator: Katoffel If you€™re not too fussed with immersion and you don€™t mind introducing a few incongruous elements into your game, then this oddly-titled mod will suit your needs perfectly. It adds a variety of strange accessories to your default options, including tattoos, facepaints and a wide assortment of helmets, hats and masks. The options include a Guy Fawkes mask, a fancy looking top hat (perfect for anyone looking to create an Abraham Lincoln soldier), a frying pan helmet, NFL style football helmets and even a rather savvy looking pirate hat. What more could you ask for? (Download Link)
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