Zelda: Breath Of The Wild: 10 Best Overworld Bosses

It's not all about the dungeon boss fights.


Breath of the Wild’s diverse landscape hides many secrets in its dark caves, high cliffs, and grassy fields. With Link stumbling upon a Korok seed every ten seconds, it isn’t too long before he’s squaring off with one of Hyrule’s overworld bosses.

While many of Breath of the Wild’s bosses reside in ‘dungeons’ as the main obstacles in story quests, the sub-bosses dotted around Hyrule’s stunning scenery are bountiful and offer a modest challenge for players. They become a splendid change of pace between enemy encampments, and can offer enticing rewards once defeated.

After a few encounters, however, players may notice that many of these bulky adversaries fall into the same sub-categories of Taluses and Hinoxes. Yet there are more than a few specific examples that stand out amongst their peers. An environmental factor may make the battle more formidable, or a story element could add poignancy to the encounter; maybe the aesthetics will leave the player in awe.

By ‘overworld bosses’, we’re not counting anything classed by the game as a ‘dungeon’ boss, including bosses in the divines, shrines, Yiga Clan Hideout, and Hyrule Castle. However, some enemies not considered ‘bosses’ by the game may be included if they act as an obstacle in progressing a story or shrine mission.


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