Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - 10 Crucial Tips, Tricks & Secrets You Need To Know

Yup, it's in there...

Zelda breath of the wild hylian shield

Nintendo's latest Legend of Zelda could easily be the best yet. Its potent mix of exploration, fast combat and genuine discovery make it a joy to play, though Breath of the Wild definitely keeps a lot hidden from players along the way.

One of its biggest charms is figuring out all it has to offer, allowing you to experiment with all sorts of new things in the land of Hyrule. Despite this, there are many features that are absolutely necessary to know, that the game either doesn't teach you, or only gives you the basics, which makes it easy to miss some of Breath of the Wild's best secrets. A shame, considering such love has gone into every facet of the experience.

Even important game mechanics - like being able to survive its climates or make a campfire wherever you like - are left for you to discover on your own. This task can seem a little daunting at times, especially with the game's relentless difficulty, yet that's where these tips come in.

From becoming a homeowner to discovering the Master Sword, these are the secrets that will allow you to truly master Breath of the Wild and uncover all it has to offer.


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