Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 - 10 Things Nintendo Must FIX

How to improve on the generation's best game.

Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Sequel Nintendo Direct E3 2019

Dropping out of nowhere at Nintendo's E3 showcase, we now have a big, brand new, high end Zelda game to nitpick and obsess over till its release. Get ready to start penning those wishlists and requests, as with Breath of the Wild taking the number one spot on many "best games of this console generation" lists, any follow up - let alone a direct sequel - is going to come under close scrutiny.

All with good reason. Zelda keeps setting the bar really high, but how do you improve upon one of the best games ever made?

Make no mistake, BOTW was a game-changer, establishing a new standard by which other games would be compared, and definitely influencing how future open worlds will be created, explored and interacted with.

However, like many games, it has its fair share of flaws/minor little problems that, while they in no way spoil the game, could definitely be improved upon.

So let's get the ball rolling. Regardless of whether you agree with the choices or not, everyone wants the best possible Zelda, and all eyes are on Nintendo to see what comes from the next few years.

10. The Return Of Tools & Gadgets

Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Sequel Nintendo Direct E3 2019

Yes, Link had the runes in BOTW and they were extremely useful, and it was also refreshing to give players these key items at the very beginning, allowing them to beat the game in any order they wanted, using any means they saw fit.

In the older instalments, key items would let you complete a dungeon and exploit a boss's weakness, but it was done in a very linear way, forcing players to walk down a fixed path.

A Link Between Worlds managed a mix of both by allowing you to rent key weapons and items from the very beginning, so it didn't scrimp on the fun but didn't restrict players either.

It'd be nice to see something similar in the next game. Keep the runes (or an equivalent), but bring back some of the old school tools - especially the really useful ones like the Hookshot. Items that change the way you interact with/traverse the world, all without compromising on challenge, should come back.


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