Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2 - Every Confirmed & Rumoured Detail

How to capitalise on the most anticipated sequel in Zelda history.


Breath of the Wild was a landmark game for Nintendo's Legend of Zelda franchise. Launched across the Switch and Wii U in 2017, it took place 100 years after the Second Great Calamity brought the return of Ganon, killed Hyrule's champions and gravely injured Link.

Playing the now amnesiac Link, you awaken in the Shrine of Resurrection, discovering Princess Zelda is still alive, and trapped within Hyrule Castle. Using her power to contain Calamity Ganon before he takes over the land, it’s up to you to destroy him.

Bringing significant changes to conventional Zelda gameplay, BOTW became the best-selling game in the series, winning many awards and shifting 17.84 million copies as of 2019. It was no surprise then to see Nintendo confirm a sequel, though since then official information is currently scarce outside of Nintendo’s E3 2019 trailer and several interviews.

This never stops the rumour mill though and that 1 minute trailer has created plenty of speculation. It's currently unnamed, so we’re referring to it here as BOTW 2 and this what we know so far about the highly anticipated sequel.


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