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What Happened To All The Lantern Corps?

The DC Universe is home to more than just the Green Lanterns...
By Zoë Miskelly

10 Things That Will Never Happen In The DC Cinematic Universe

From robot Batmen to Supergirl's pet flying horse and beyond...
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10 Insane DC Superheroes You Won’t Believe Exist

Is it a bird? A plane? No, it's a guy who bounces like a ball! Meet the most insane DC heroes…
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10 Moments Comic Book Characters Realised THEY Were The Villain

Bane and Hal Jordan are just two of the DC characters who've had to reckon with their actions.
By James Egan

10 Actors Too Young For The Roles They Played

13-year-old Green Lantern hanging around with his 1-year-old buddy?
By Anne West

7 Best Times DC Characters Used Power Rings

What corps does Batman REALLY belong to?
By Fergal Harte

10 Worst Things To Ever Happen To Green Lantern

Some terrible events have plagued the history of DC's Green Lantern Corps.
By Eden Luke McIntyre

HBO Max's Green Lantern TV Series To Be Rated TV-MA?

Fans, get ready for a large dose of "profanity and violence"
By Luca Carbonaro

Lantern: 10 Things You Need To Know About The Newly Announced Green Lantern TV Series

Yes, it's really called Lantern, and this is what you can expect from the show...
By Josh Wilding

10 Awful Comic Book Movies That Would Actually Benefit From A Reboot

No seriously, another Green Lantern movie could turn out to be a great idea...
By Scott Campbell