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10 Worst Things The Suicide Squad Has Ever Done

Harley Quinn totally blew up a bunch of children and... not many people seem to remember.
By Saam Hasan

Suicide Squad: Margot Robbie "Very Curious" To See The Ayer Cut

The Harley Quinn actor was asked about David Ayer's Suicide Squad earlier this week.
By Luca Carbonaro

10 Comic Books That Are Definitely Not For Kids

This list is not for the feint hearted.
By Simon Winter

When Did Harley Quinn FINALLY Break Up With Joker?

Harley and the Joker haven't been an item for a while, but when did Quinn dump her Puddin'?
By Fraser Somers

10 Reasons You Should Be Watching The Harley Quinn TV Show

Who would have thought Clayface could be so funny?
By Matt Thompson

10 Most Heroic Things Harley Quinn Has Ever Done

Harley may be certifiably nuts, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have her moments.
By John Tibbetts

10 Times DC Comics Tricked You

How many fake Jokers are there?
By Zoƫ Miskelly

Harley Quinn: 5 Reasons You Need To Check It Out

Behold, the closest thing comic fans have to an animated Deadpool show!
By Kevin McCasland

Why Margot Robbie DUMPED Harley & Ivy Team-Up Movie

The real reason we aren't seeing Gotham City Sirens being brought to big-screen life.
By Andrew Pollard

Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn Nearly Looked VERY Different In Suicide Squad

The Maid of Mischief so nearly sported an entirely different costume in the 2016 movie.
By Andrew Pollard